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Crestone Spiritual Centers
by Suzanne Frazier

Since the mid eighties, Crestone has been home to ecumenical spiritual groups, monasteries and retreat centers. Four residential monastic communities, some offering retreat opportunities, represent unbroken religious lineages from the world’s religious traditions. Other centers provide educational, meditative and prayer opportunities.
Each day, in the early morning hours and late afternoon into evening, prayers and meditation are offered at several locations throughout the area. The land upon which the various religious traditions have created sacred space offers silence and restful retreat.
May you find peace here.

The Spiritual Life Institute
P. O. Box 219, Crestone, CO 81131
The Spiritual Life Institute—a small monastic community of men and women hermit monks—was founded in 1960 by Fr. William McNamara, and is Roman Catholic in origin and universal in outreach. The Institute was established to foster a spirit of contemplation to inspire and influence social, political and domestic experience. Contemplation is loving awareness. “Nada Hermitage” in Crestone and “Holy Hill Hermitage” in Skreen, Co. Sligo Ireland are places for people to live in wilderness for a time, close to nature, in harmony with the seasons, the rhythms of the sun and moon, in communion with plants and animals.
Most of the monastery grounds are closed to the public. Advanced reservations are required for retreats. The Sangre de Cristo Chapel is open to the public and Mass is held every
Sunday at 9am.

The Haidakhandi Universal Ashram
P. O. Box 9, Crestone, CO 81131
The Haidakhandi Universal Ashram is a spiritual community and pilgrimage center inspired by Haidakhandi Babaji and dedicated to the Divine Mother, who embodies the totality of all that is to be known. Residents at the Ashram follow the teaching of “live lives of truth, simplicity, love and service.” Although the worship activities are based in Indian ritual, Babaji taught that all religions lead the sincere devotee to God. Living sustainably, the Ashram has an organic garden, their own water system, photovoltaic-derived electricity and solar heating. Service is the on-going aspect of the community, to provide facilities for pilgrims and seekers to pray, meditate, worship and serve.
A fire ceremony is scheduled at 10:08am on the Full Moon and New Moon of every month, as well as daily morning and evening devotional services (aarati). Please call for directions
and the aarati schedule.

Shumei International Institute
P. O. Box 998, 3000 E. Dream Way Road
Crestone, CO 81131
Shumei International Institute is a spiritual organization dedicated to elevating quality of life by applying the wisdom and insights of the late spiritual leader, Mokichi Okada, in order to create an ideal state of health, happiness and harmony. Mokichi Okada taught that a world free of sickness, poverty and discord is possible through the spiritual exercise of Jyorei, the practice of Natural Agriculture and the appreciation of art and beauty.
Shumei International Institute encourages everyone to carry the vision of becoming citizens of the world and to take responsibility for the well-being and spiritual advancement of all.
The Shumei facilities—Sanctuary, the food service/meeting hall, outdoor amphitheater and caretaker’s house, along with the future greenhouse, garden and orchards—are designed to have minimal impact on the natural surroundings. The center, built on the site of an old gold mine, won the 2002 Award for Excellence from the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. The center is open to visitors. Please call ahead for directions and a schedule of events.

Crestone Mountain Zen Center
P. O. Box 130, Crestone, CO 81131
Crestone Mountain Zen Center is a monastic community. The Center is open to visitors from May 1 through November 30. Visitors are also welcome to join the daily zazen meditation in the early morning and in the evening. Please call ahead to inquire about the current schedule and to arrange visits or zazen instruction, since the center is periodically closed for retreats. Guided tours need to be scheduled in advance.
The Center was originally developed, by the Lindisfarne Foundation, with a chapel dome—an interfaith sanctuary based on elements of sacred geometry. The Lindisfarne Chapel is open to the community except from January 15 through April 15, when the grounds are closed for the annual 90-day intensive Practice Period.

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